EMOSA PLASTICS, S.A. was founded in 1989 by a team of people with technical and commercial experience in the plastics industry dating back to the 1970s.

At first it specialised in manufacturing and marketing products manufactured by plastic film extrusion, mostly bags of all kinds for the shopping and food sector.

Our values

Quality from the beginning till the end.


From the beginning, our technical orientation allowed us to move forward in the field of R & D & I in order to produce very thin films with a high resistance.

Savings and use

Our commitment as manufacturers is not only with the technical efficiency but also with the economy of materials and the ecology that supposes to reduce the cost in raw materials and generation of waste.


We make real-time control and monitoring of production. In our laboratory we monitor production, and at the end of the process we identify and verify our products in order to certify their quality.

Quality from the beginning till the end  

We have always believed in COMPLETE QUALITY: in materials and processes from the very moment we design a product to the moment it is in the hands of our customer to be assessed…and then we begin again. We can thereby ensure the utmost reliability in our products and complete satisfaction in our customers.


Qualified machinery

We have machinery ready to check and monitor production in real time, and hence we ensure the amount of excess off-cut waste is kept to a minimum. In our laboratory, we also monitor production and at the end of the process we identify and check our products in order to certify their quality.

R + D + I

Our specialization is the manufacture of products of minimal thickness and high resistance. This means a continual challenge due to the difficulty involved in working with low thicknesses, improving the film’s physical and mechanical properties (resistance, puncturing, tearing, etc.) and those of the end product (ease of welding, look, convenience).
With our technical products, we bet for continuous improvement in collaboration with our customers to meet their needs and market demands.

Savings and use, environment and energy eficiency

We have made defense of the environment a strategic aim to guide us and improve efficiency. For us, efficiency has to be a continual challenge that enables us to manufacture products that consume fewer raw materials and fewer energy resources. In this way, we contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint in our products, without giving up a single one of their reliable properties. This can only be achieved by working with good materials, good machinery, and above all getting the most out of our long experience in the knowledge about the process. For all this, we have implemented our energy efficiency policy in order to control and analyze the company’s energy indicators and assess their potential for improvement. Efficiency is not only an aim, it is the way to go.

Circular economy

It’s been a long time since we are committed to a circular economy with the products we manufacture. All the waste generated by our process is recycled for self-consumption. This allows us to manufacture new products with good quality with recycled material.

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